A new generation currency

100% backed by gold
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Simple and Clear

Mobile wallet

Install the app on your smartphone and get the full benefit of using VipCoin.gold wallet

Top up VipCoin.gold account

Link your bank card to the app and buy VipCoin.gold with one click

Watch VipCoin.gold grow-ing

With every transaction the value of the coin increases. You can keep track of it on a graph in the app

Transfer VipCoin.gold

You can transfer VipCoin.gold to person to any place, whether they have their own wallet at the moment or not.

Pay with VipCoin.gold

Make NFC payments by simply touching the contactless terminal with a QR code on your mobile

Keep your funds in VipCoin.gold

The value of the coin is constantly increasing and 100% backed by gold

Administered and developed by

VIP Invest Ltd

The cryptocurrency is administered by VIP Invest Ltd, an international company, based in the United Arab Emirates

How It Works:

The cryptocurrency is administered by VIP Invest Ltd, an international company, with its headquarters located in the United Arab Emirates.

All the transactions are recorded on twenty company servers located around the world (Blockchain Graphene, Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)).

Every time VipCoin.gold is purchased, VIP Invest Ltd buys gold at the current rate of VipCoin.gold to gold. The cryptocurrency is then released at this rate for mining.

I need the the part in yellow explained VIP Invest Ltd’s offer is available in all of the apps and software modules owned the Company, binding the Company to purchase from you any amount of the VipCoin.gold at the current rate at any time

Gold is considered to be one of the most stable currencies in the world and most nations look to secure a gold reserve.

Therefore, the VipCoin.gold cryptocurrency is always secure and marketable.

Secured marketability

Continuous rate increase

A continuous increase in the VipCoin.gold cryptocurrency is not only secured by a naturally rising cost of gold, but also by the system operating principle of the system. The processing fee for the VipCoin.gold is only 1%. 25% of the 1% fee for every payment or transfer will come out of the system, but the quantity of gold securing marketability will remain the same.


Total coins

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Cost of the coin
VC/EUR (Sell/Buy)


Cost of 1/100 g of gold

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